Revolutionary Print Technology

Here at TECNIcart, we believe that precision and detail turn a standard printed sample into a work of art, something that will stand out to your client, that they will take away and show everyone. 

Our process of Graphic Printing has taken many years of research and development, leading TECNI cart, to have developed an exclusive and elite technology and purposely devised to create sample books and colour cards, predominantly for the flooring and kitchen industries. Our technology allows us to do this without using any original materials or bonded samples. Our samples, are made through an in-depth process of scanning and studying the material, are solely printed, to create any texture, colour and scent to represent the selected material correctly.

Tailored for You

TECNIcart’s technology along with our team of expert designers and production specialists allows for a highly sort after level of design and finish to our projects, helping to show your customers and clients the high standard of production your company delivers from start to finish. Here at TECNIcart, we do not believe in a one-design fits all strategy, nor do we use templates or existing materials. Your product will have been exclusively and tactically designed, following a design meeting where we listen to your brief and get to know and understand your company, and where you want it to go. To provide you with a product that is so much more than just another sample—helping your business to stand out against others and your competitors.

Going Green

Our green working company is something to be extremely proud of, meaning the day to day activity of all of our staff has minimal effects on the environment. Therefore the company has developed processes with reducing the ecological offering of our contribution and offer a range of ‘Green’ products, helping our clients also to be aware of their environmental impact. If this wasn’t enough, we also only work with suppliers who also offer the same ecological conservation productions as TECNI cart, which shows our respect for the environment. Also, the recognition that the company has gained by the most demanding and aspiring certifications, including FSC, PEFC and Lets Plant For The Planet.

TECNIcart’s precision and detail reflect throughout all of our products. That’s why several quality authorisations have recognised the company. Giving all of our client’s complete trust in the colour stability of their products, allowing customers the reassurance that if they specify a specific colour, production can be on multiple occasions and different jobs without even a pixel of difference. Allowing us to achieve an ISO 12647-2 standard, which is agreed and recognised by European specialists and implemented throughout all of TECNIcart’s machinery and processes. 



  • The printed sample mimics the represent material like-to-like providing a realistic, appearance and texture. 
  • Combining our unique technology, with expertise Graphic Design knowledge, to provide you with much more than just a sample booklet, the design and visual options are endless, helping to create a unique product which will be specific to your business. 
  • Far shorter delivery times than original samples, with our product delivered to you within 4 to 5 weeks. 
  • By using an industrial process, uniformity and precision are far more reliable than manual methods. 
  • Offer your entire product base in a single sample, allowing for:-
  • A highly reduced weight of catalogues allowing easy transportation or posted out to potential customers. 
  • We have perfected our process to allow for merely no friction between samples, allowing for more extended durability and minimal degradation over time. 

Thanks to TECNIcart’s reliable and faultless benefits, many companies all over the UK and abroad, are saving money while providing their customers with a stylish, informative and well presented, lightweight sample, helping their business to stand out and strive from competitors.

Tecnicart products
tecnicart print products
Tecnicart Products
tecnicart products

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive compared to normal samples?

The product is 100% graphic printed meaning no original materials are used. This decreases the cost of the sample, therefore making the product less expensive to produce than the original samples.

Does it feel realistic?

The samples are produced by intensively scanning the selected material to provide a replica of the original product. The texture will be exactly mirrored, leaving it had to distinguish against the printed sample and the original sample. The only way to tell the difference will be the lightweight appearance of the printed sample.

Are customers going to mind not having large samples?

From our research, customers mainly use samples to match colour schemes, which can be 100% guaranteed from our certified colour proofing scheme. Therefore, by taking home a sample booklet rather than a hefty traditional sample, customers preferred the service, as it was easier to transport and store. Samples can also be posted out to further afield customers which would have proved problematic before.

How long does it take to produce?

TECNIcart’s production time is around 4 – 5 weeks. A highly shorter time than the average traditional sample, which can take 5 – 6 months.

Will mass productions be identical?

It can be assured that multiple jobs and mass productions will be 100% identical in every single way. There will be no texture or colour differences between any single sample. Assuring that every single sample is perfect for your customers.

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