There are many different sectors which all provide various appliances, all of which can benefit from a TECNIcart product. From Flooring manufacturers to Beauty Brands, TECNIcart offers elite marketing to all. Understandably, each sector has different needs and clients. That’s why it’s essential each product is designed especially for your business or company. No two brands are the same or have the same values, and neither should be their marketing.

Paint and high-end paints

TECNIcart produces samples using a form of graphic printing, which allows for 100% colour and texture accuracy. While traditional samples, made by hand, leave room for human error. They also use masses of material, equating to high production costs. Not mentioning the time they take to produce. TECNIcart eliminates all these downfalls allowing your samples to be created for less, quicker and the most accurate ever!


TECNIcart produces samples in any size and shape, within a whole range of products! And the design style and possibilities are endless!


Any type or brand of paint finish, whether high end: Venetian plaster, crackle effects, metallic or sand textures. Or industrial paints, such as hammered, rust, automotive or nautical. Can be produced through a form of graphic printing. TECNIcart can also add effects to the finish. Examples include Glass, Matt, Pearl or Metallic. Alternative paint finishes such as velvet touch and sandblasted can also be 100% exact replicated.


Each sample has excellent durability and long-lasting wear. Meaning there is no friction between pieces.


Parquet is a conventional high-end flooring solution, using real woodblocks. Consumers want to be 100% certain on the colour and finish of the flooring before choosing their floor. For carpenters and sales-personnel to show this accurately, the only previous way was to hand-make a sample book. This process is costly and slow. It also was bulky and heavyweight, making it hard to transport.


TECNIcart eliminates all problems as the brand uses graphic printed samples. The lightweight examples weigh less and are no thicker than a flyer or brochure. They are allowing for samples to be posted out to clients or customers quickly. Perfect for the current climate rather than meeting customers in person, send them samples via post.


TECNIcart guarantees 100% Texture and colour accuracy with all vinyl samples. Appearance and feel of the represented material are as good as the real thing! What makes this product even better is producing a printed piece rather than a traditional sample, allows room for design. Making your sample book tailored to you and more sales useful than ever before!


Not only will your sample have the texture and colour of the represented material, but also the finish will be to the same standard. TECNIcart maintains this standard whether this is a gloss, matt, shine, pearl or metallic. Lightweight catalogues show an entire range in one easy transportable production. With traditional samples, this would only ever show a small selection.


Whatever your vinyl material is for, TECNIcart will produce the most cost-effective and accurate catalogue, fan samples, or colour card.

Wall Coverings

Traditional methods of making samples can often look unprofessional and are slow to produce and costly due to handmade methods. They would also not be uniform. And wear very quickly as pieces rub together even with scraps of paper in between them.


Wallpaper, tiles, glass, slate, cement, ceramic, natural fibre or wood panelling, TECNIcart can produce printed replicas of the material. All you have to do is supply one sample which we will scan to obtain the properties of the material. And you can have endless runs of any quantities you desire, time and time again.


TECNIcart brings you lightweight colour cards, with perfect colour and texture accuracy. With shorter delivery times and low costs and uniformity throughout. As the process is based on graphic printing, the design style opportunities are endless!


Microcerments are becoming increasingly popular as a floor or wall covering, both for interiors and exteriors of late. However, showing a client a sample of this product has become increasingly rare and challenging due to different colour possibilities, no joints and fragile structure. That’s where TECNIcart can help. With its graphic printing process, TECNIcart prints micro cement samples with exact colour and texture replicas. With uniformity guaranteed every time and lightweight samples. Which show an entire product range in one sample book, fan swatch, catalogue or product range of your choice.


Ceramics & Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials and ceramics often don’t have a smooth surface or a uniform colour. Until now, it has been hard to represent as a sample due to its weight, volume and rigidity. Only special made Folders or cases could support the material. It was leading to high finances and long lead times. And displaying a whole range at one time in a single selection just wasn’t feasible.


With a TECNIcart product, all of these issues do not exist. There will be no difference between samples, and due to their lightweight productions, TECNIcart can show an entire range in a simple booklet, specially designed in line with your branding. Lightweight and produced in short lead times, your samples will be perfect for shipping out to potential customers and clients. An essential method of working in the current world climate.


Aluminium is becoming increasingly popular within the construction industry, automotive industry and used for many everyday household appliances. As we use so much of this material, the supplier’s demand is increasing. And therefore, TECNIcart must use a more effective way of sample production. Not only will TECNIcart samples speed up delivery, make samples more lightweight and transportable, and durable. But the amount of material saved from not producing samples in traditional methods will undoubtedly help demand, not to mention the financial benefits.


TECNIcart can produce any finish of aluminium and any colourway. The brand also represents the texture of the material with maximum accuracy. One of the significant limitations of traditional aluminium samples is the heavyweight. With TECNIcart, samples are incredibly lightweight and can be posted or transported with ease. No friction between samples is another beneficial element for TECNIcart’s aluminium samples. As traditional samples, can easily rub together and get scratched. TECNIcart prevents this. Entire product ranges can also be shown in a single production, something that has never been possible before.


Typically, a varnish is a transparent film or finish. To sample it must be added to the surface which you wish to seal, wood for example. Therefore samples use two materials to be produced traditionally, severely heightening the weight, thickness and cost. This increase would also then be a heavyweight and bulky production. It is proving hard to show multiple samples in one production.


Using TECNIcart technology to produce varnish samples not only provides high standard samples with excellent colour and texture accuracy. But there’s also no limitations to design or creativity. The possibilities are endless. TECNIcart guarantees uniformity between pieces on every single production. The samples will now be lightweight, making them easily transportable. An entire range can also be made available in a single output, with no degradation of samples due to friction. With fast production times and low costs, the decision has never been more apparent.

Laminated Wood

Laminate wood is a flooring or wall covering product, factory-made for sheets of laminated wood, which is layered to give the effect of real wood. As TECNIcart makes this material, the variations and possibilities of colour, texture, grain, and finish are endless. Many companies who supply laminated wood have hundreds of different products to choose from. Until now, the only way to produce samples of laminated timber would be to use pieces of real material. This process is slow to make and costly without mentioning the weight. Large ranges are also hard to show together.


Using a form of graphic printing to execute sample production means there is no original material within the creation of products. Yet it still allows for perfect colour, and texture accuracy. There will also be uniformity throughout samples. Lightweight catalogues and brochures allow for the entire product range to be shown in one production easily.


The Beauty Industry is a very vast and wide sector on the market today. Beauty no longer only includes makeup, but rather all aspects of aesthetics and cosmetics, from hair extensions to nail polish to Face scrubs. The competition between brands is endless. That’s why Point of Sale material and innovating packaging is essential for beauty suppliers and manufactures. Competitors are so fierce that design alone is not enough to sell a product. Packaging, advertisements, POS material and samples all need to be super innovative, informative, engaging and user friendly.


Using TECNIcart technology will allow samples to provide a replica of the represented material. Without using any existing material. The sample will also be lightweight, meaning TECNIcart can easily mail out products. Perfect for the current climate. These reasons and more allow for many world-leading brands to enjoy the many benefits of a TECNIcart product.


Marble is a product used in many industries and sectors, from flooring to bathroom and kitchens. Marble has many uses. It also has many different finishes and colour options. Meaning the product range can be so vast, making traditional books bulky and extremely heavy.


TECNIcart solves these issues while keeping the texture and colour standards of original sample material. Producing samples through graphic printing allows room for more design and styling of the product directly to your business. Also, fast production times (5-6 weeks instead of 6 months for traditional samples) and low costs means that TECNIcart is the innovative future of sample books and colour cards.

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