The TECNIcart product is a new and exclusive technology using graphic printing to print any desired texture colour and scent! This allows for the production of printed material and products samples without using any original materials. Only one original sample is scanned by TECNIcart to obtain the properties of the material to print the exact texture and colour. 


Without using original materials, the cost of the product is reduced significantly, as well as reducing the thickness and weight. Traditional samples are often costly, hard to carry and take a long time to produce. TECNIcart solves all these issues while also providing a marketing material designed especially and tailored to you. 


The TECNIcart product can come in many different formats and products, including:



Your possibilities are endless, if you don’t see the product you’re looking for by all means get in touch. Our team of experienced graphic designers is always looking to help companies stand out from the crowd!

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