Fan Samples

One of the possible product choices is fan samples. Fan samples are an easily accessible way to show your whole range of products or colours in one simple device. The practicality of having the entire range side by side makes it so much easier to compare colours or textures. Perfect as a point of sale material to give to clients and customers. And also, for representatives and tradespeople, such as decorators to carry with them and show to clients. 


TECNIcart can further enhance their already sleek and practical products by printing on the back of the individual cards. This enhancement can be any information about the represented material of your choice. Or possibly a photograph of the material or product in use, giving a broader idea to the customer. Technical specifications and useful information is also a good idea to include.


The company have also perfected their printing methods. There is no friction between samples, which is an essential matter for fan swatches that open and close regularly. This improvement means that durability is more extended, and the degradation is minimal.
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