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TECNIcart is an innovative industrial process based on graphic printing

It’s taken many years of research and development, but tecnicart has developed a unique and exclusive technology. It is specially designed for sample books and colour cards, without using original pieces of materials or bonded samples.

The TECNIcart system can achieve any desired colour, texture or touch (even scent!) that a product requires. TECNIcart is an alternative to traditional sample books on the market, which are costly and slow to produce. They can also be Inflexible, often heavy to carry, and not uniform.

Thanks to its apparent benefits, many sector-leading companies in the UK and abroad are using our system. They are adopting the system to make their sample books and colour cards. This benefits by giving their sales and distribution networks a more effective sales tool.

Industries currently using our products

Throught-out the globe the Tecnicart tecnology is being used to demonstrate and showcase well-known leading products. These original products come in various forms, such as brick, wood, metal and plastic. Such is the unique adaptability of our technology it is ideal for many industries including:-

  • Render Manufacturers
  • Building & Construction
  • Marine Industry
  • Paint Manufacturers
  • Retail fitting companies
  • Product Specific Wholesalers

Is your organisation looking to cut costs on producing expensive displays and samples? But not lose the unique Look, Feel and Smell that will help it Sell!


Sectors and applications

Laminated Wood

wall coverings

Wall Coverings

tecnicart wooden parquets

Wooden Parquets

tecnicart vinyls










painting and high end decoration

Paint and high-end finishes


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